Case studies

Case Studies

Case Study 1  

Family Name:         Rood

Location:                  London


My brother and I had found a buyer for our parents’ flat after they had both passed away.  We had probate for our father but not our mother, who had passed first, several years ago.  The buyers’ solicitor said they needed us to obtain probate for our mother for the sale to proceed.  I know one of the Laurelo team from networking, so they were my first port of call.

How Laurelo helped

First of all, we were so impressed with the speedy response and visit from our Case Manager.  He took copious notes and answered all our many questions.  What a relief it was to hand our worries on filling in all the forms correctly, to someone who we trusted. There were a couple of things our Case Manager wanted to check out and he came back the next day with the answers.

Why they were different

My  brother and I really appreciated the personal approach by a Case Manager who took the time to listen to us.  He was very respectful at a difficult time and the process was so smoothly handled.

“If you have to go through the process of getting Probate, I highly recommend the team at Laurelo. Our dedicated case Manager talked us through the procedure and answered all our questions, of which there were many! His thoroughness and professionalism shone through, and he kept us informed of progress throughout. Thank you” Ruth Rood and family


Case Study Two

Family Name:         Matheron

Location:                  Essex


Losing my Grandad last year was very painful.  Although it wasn’t unexpected as he had been ill for some time, organising the funeral really took it out of my dad.  When the dust settled there was still a huge amount of work to be done.  It was only when my father spoke to an estate agent about putting my grandad’s house on the market that the word ‘probate’ popped up.   None of us had any experience of this, and were equally baffled and anxious about the whole process. 

How Laurelo Helped

It’s no exaggeration when I say it felt like Laurelo was like our very own knight in shining armour.  They  explained the process in very simple terms, whilst managing the full burden of work.  This ranged from completing forms, updating us on the progress of the application and chasing to ensure the case was actioned.  They also offered practical advice on other matters that we had overlooked, like stopping my grandad’s pension and council tax payments and helping us redeem premium bonds. 

Why They Were Different

Laurelo brought a sense of control when we thought we had none and we will be forever in their debt for simplifying what most people find a very daunting process and a difficult time in their lives.


“ You are superheroes in our minds”


Case Study Three

Family Name:                     Vickery

Location:                              Devon


In April 2022 my father  passed away. He lived in a remote village in Dartmoor and I am a resident of Spain. My sister lives in Cambridge. My father’s second wife had passed away several years earlier but had not used her entire allowance. Obviously, we needed a responsive Probate Solicitor to guide us through the process without allowing the geographical complexities to get in the way. Losing someone you love is hard enough without having to worry about how to handle the estate taxation situation.

How Laurelo Helped

Laurelo came recommended and we reached out to them. Literally within minutes they responded and shortly after we talked on the telephone. Michael and his firm epitomise refreshing, honest and open communication. A very reasonable fee was outlined. No hidden extras and no unwanted surprises. The process from that point on was pretty painless and we were able to deal with all the other issues, confident that the probate process was in safe hands.

 Why They Were Different

Dealings with the legal world I have found to be generally difficult, laborious, full of technical jargon and frankly outrageously expensive. None of this can be levelled at Laurelo. The end result speaks for itself. I am certain a less expert Probate solicitor would not have achieved what Michael did for us.


“I am grateful to Laurelo for easing the pain of our loss”


Case Study Four

Family Name:         King

Introducer:              The Wills Woman

Location:                  Kent  


I was so pleased to be introduced to Laurelo. Our first chat was well over an hour and a half and very much for meeting of minds. They came across as professional, experienced, caring and above all compassionate. Laurelo is clearly driven to do things differently with customer care and transparency at the forefront.

How Laurelo Helped

I saw that Laurelo were a cut above the rest from the start. They really took their time to help all clients that I have passed to them, and have achieved fantastic results in a very timely manner.

They’re true to their word, upfront and honest, true to their word and deliver first class service in a very selfless way. This is exactly what we need, so we don’t have to chase them or worry that the clients are being let down.

It’s fantastic to have a firm we can absolutely trust from start to finish and that clients will be dealt with sympathetically and professionally. We never hesitate to recommend them and they have never let us down.

Why They Were Different

We have tried using other solicitors for probate before, but whilst they are professional, they don’t have the compassion or the time to add the human touch. The fact that Paul visits clients personally and is involved every step makes a huge difference. He has helped clients without charge, after hours, and always responds on the same day.


“Laurelo are compassionate, caring, and cost-effective. When I pass their details on I can absolutely trust that clients will be well looked after.”


Case Study Five

Family Name                      N/A

Introducer                           Provira Ltd

Location                               UK Wide


Provira provides loans to beneficiaries and executors of estates. Many of our clients are therefore also existing, past or future clients of Laurelo. We’ve worked very closely with them for a couple of years or so and they are our go-to firm whenever we need help, advice or guidance on anything probate related.

How Laurelo Helped

Laurelo are just exceptional. Not only is their knowledge, experience and understanding of the sector second to none, but, perhaps even more importantly, they are always happy to help. We regularly ask for their input when we come across slightly unusual circumstances and they have never let us down.

They have a rare ability to simplify the complex and will take as much time as needed to talk us through all the aspects of a specific case. This has proved invaluable to our business by helping to ensure we are making the right decisions for all parties. Nothing is too much trouble for Laurelo, there is no such thing as a stupid question and they will always go above and beyond to ensure we fully understand any situation we encounter.

The value of their advice is off the charts, but incredibly, they have never charged us a penny. That’s just how they work, they build relationships with partner firms and customers, provide an incredible service and are 100% committed to the philosophy that this will generate success.

Why Laurelo Were Different

A genuine talent for explaining things in a simple, easy to understand manner without ignoring all aspects of the situation

When they talk about building relationships, going the extra mile, working for the benefit of their clients they absolutely mean this and do so every day. Incredible.


“Impossible to recommend Laurelo more highly. Incredible knowledge, incredible experience and an approach to relationship building and customer care that is unrivalled in the sector. They have added enormous value to our business and we very much look forward to working with them for years to come”.


 Case Study Six

 Family Name:                     NA

 Introducer:                          Scullys Estates

 Location:                              Birmingham


I had a longstanding relationship with a Laurelo consultant who has always been willing to help me and give me all the information I need to further myself and my company.

How Laurelo Helped

Laurelo have helped me by streamlining my business, the relationships created and also the ease of using Laurelo, everything is explained to myself and my clients in terms that are easily understood and also the fact that there are no hidden charges like other big companies, completely transparent and I don’t have to think twice about sending my clients to them.

Why Laurelo Were Different

As explained above, Laurelo are very transparent and open, no hidden fees is amazing, especially in the climate we currently live in, bereaved families don’t want new fee’s been added to their already growing bills. Also the friendliness of all staff I have come into contact with has been a refreshing change to what is normal with the massive corporate companies.


“Laurelo, in my opinion, is the change that the probate industry needs, and I hope other companies follow suit. I trust that Laurelo will dominate the industry in its own right very soon. “





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Patrick and Phillipa Vickery (Executor)

"When you lose a parent it’s an emotionally challenging time. Finding people to genuinely help with the mountain of subsequent issues is not easy. We dealt with Laurelo who took care of our Probate. Communicative and easy to talk to, Laurelo took away a bunch of stress and handled a complex estate excellently. I have no doubt that his experience has saved my family a significant tax burden."

C Hardman (Executor)

"Well informed, helpful and efficient throughout the whole probate journey. I was particularly impressed by the speed of response when I had questions"

V Garner (Executor)

"Thank you for dealing with the probate so efficiently. I would not hesitate to recommend your services in the future."

J Jackson (Executor)

"It has been my absolute pleasure to have met Michael and for him to act on my behalf, a wonderful, professional,  caring person whose services I would recommend to anyone."

Peter Nash/Paula Cranmer (Executors)

"I would recommend Laurelo to anyone who needs good and sensible advice about the probate process at a very reasonable price."

A Wilson (Executor)

"I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Laurelo in what, at the outset felt like a daunting task, but in reality once explained to us and the burden of completing the forms taken away and completed by a professional the process was seamless."

Lorri Turner Senior Manager (Herongate Wood)

“I have always found Michael at Laurelo to be engaging, honest and supportive of the customers needs. The offer of a home visit to see clients within their own familiar surroundings further supports this. I have no difficulty in recommending their services."

G Perrett Will Protect Ltd & Executor

“Michael's professionalism and knowledge of every aspect of probate is only matched by his sensitivity and patience. He instinctively knows what to say and when to say it and I am so grateful to him for helping me navigate the most difficult period of my life so far safe in the knowledge that I could simply "park" this part of the process and leave it with him to "sort out"."

K Whittle (Executor)

“They provided a professional and emphatic approach and took all the stress away from dealing with probate. Filing the forms very promptly and the whole process was dealt with in just over a month. I would highly recommend and I again thank them for their help."

Mr. A Browne (Executor)

The pricing point is good and in line with a few others, we found however for the service we received I do not think we could have put a price on it.

We would wholeheartedly recommend Michael and his team."

John F Smith (Executor)

“I was most satisfied with the service he provided, and his gentle and considerate manner was most comforting at a difficult time in my life."

Robert Evans (Executor)

“I just wanted to express my sincere thanks to Michael for the way in which he managed the probate arrangements at what was a very difficult time for myself and the family. Whilst always professional and efficient he was very sensitive and supportive - explaining things clearly and making the whole process (which was totally new to us) that much more straightforward. It took a load off our minds and he progressed things really quickly Thank you"

Here at Laurelo, we're committed to our clients and their path to probate

Here at Laurelo, we're committed to our clients and their path to probate