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An executor is the person(s) or organisation you elect to administer your estate and carry out the wishes in your will. When writing your will deciding who to appoint as your executor is a big decision.

Many family and friends are happy to act as an executor; however, choosing a professional executor to administer your estate has many benefits.

Some of those benefits are, but not limited to:

  • Responsibility
    When a loved one passes away it is a very difficult time for family and friends. There is a lot to manage when administering an estate and it is a very responsible role. A professional executor can relieve your family and friends of the burden of administering your estate. Furthermore, should an estate not be administered correctly, the executors can be held personally responsible and indeed liable for any claims brought against the estate.
  • Expertise
    A professional executor will have the necessary expertise to deal with your estate. There can be many complex matters during the administration of an estate such as sorting out the deceased’s tax affairs, selling a property and managing investments to name but a few. By appointing a professional executor, your beneficiaries can be assured that all matters will be dealt with correctly, efficiently and in the correct order to avoid any issues down the line.
  • Impartiality
    Unfortunately, tensions amongst family members and friends are commonplace. This causes difficulties in the administration of an estate, especially if, for example, siblings do not get on and one perhaps another of the siblings is appointed the executor. A professional executor can ensure that all matters are dealt with impartially and in the best interests of the estate. Furthermore, should any of the beneficiaries have any queries, the executors will have the necessary expertise to answer those queries and explain those answers in a language easily understood by those not familiar with the process.
  • There will always be someone available to act
    When a friend or family member is appointed as an executor, at the time you pass away, they are either unable or unwilling to act, then the Non-Contentious Probate Rules governs who will act as your personal representative. This may fall to someone who you would not want to administer your estate. Furthermore, should they act inappropriately it is a very difficult and drawn out process for your beneficiaries to remove the personal representative? As such, appointing a professional allows you to retain control. In addition, should you appoint a professional executor to act on your behalf, there will always be someone capable of stepping into the role as your executor.
  • Costs
    Some people may be concerned about the costs when appointing a professional executor. However, administering an estate is a complex process and even if a friend or family member is appointed it is likely that they will appoint a Probate specialist like ourselves to act on their behalf. Therefore, the costs associated with appointing a professional executor or appointing a friend of family member are much the same. At Laurelo we do not charge for being the Professional Executor of the estate. We charge our fee to the estate when we completing the Full Administration of the estate after you have passed away.

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Patrick and Phillipa Vickery (Executor)

"When you lose a parent it’s an emotionally challenging time. Finding people to genuinely help with the mountain of subsequent issues is not easy. We dealt with Laurelo who took care of our Probate. Communicative and easy to talk to, Laurelo took away a bunch of stress and handled a complex estate excellently. I have no doubt that his experience has saved my family a significant tax burden."

C Hardman (Executor)

"Well informed, helpful and efficient throughout the whole probate journey. I was particularly impressed by the speed of response when I had questions"

V Garner (Executor)

"Thank you for dealing with the probate so efficiently. I would not hesitate to recommend your services in the future."

J Jackson (Executor)

"It has been my absolute pleasure to have met Michael and for him to act on my behalf, a wonderful, professional,  caring person whose services I would recommend to anyone."

Peter Nash/Paula Cranmer (Executors)

"I would recommend Laurelo to anyone who needs good and sensible advice about the probate process at a very reasonable price."

A Wilson (Executor)

"I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Laurelo in what, at the outset felt like a daunting task, but in reality once explained to us and the burden of completing the forms taken away and completed by a professional the process was seamless."

Lorri Turner Senior Manager (Herongate Wood)

“I have always found Michael at Laurelo to be engaging, honest and supportive of the customers needs. The offer of a home visit to see clients within their own familiar surroundings further supports this. I have no difficulty in recommending their services."

G Perrett Will Protect Ltd & Executor

“Michael's professionalism and knowledge of every aspect of probate is only matched by his sensitivity and patience. He instinctively knows what to say and when to say it and I am so grateful to him for helping me navigate the most difficult period of my life so far safe in the knowledge that I could simply "park" this part of the process and leave it with him to "sort out"."

K Whittle (Executor)

“They provided a professional and emphatic approach and took all the stress away from dealing with probate. Filing the forms very promptly and the whole process was dealt with in just over a month. I would highly recommend and I again thank them for their help."

Mr. A Browne (Executor)

The pricing point is good and in line with a few others, we found however for the service we received I do not think we could have put a price on it.

We would wholeheartedly recommend Michael and his team."

John F Smith (Executor)

“I was most satisfied with the service he provided, and his gentle and considerate manner was most comforting at a difficult time in my life."

Robert Evans (Executor)

“I just wanted to express my sincere thanks to Michael for the way in which he managed the probate arrangements at what was a very difficult time for myself and the family. Whilst always professional and efficient he was very sensitive and supportive - explaining things clearly and making the whole process (which was totally new to us) that much more straightforward. It took a load off our minds and he progressed things really quickly Thank you"

Here at Laurelo, we're committed to our clients and their path to probate

Here at Laurelo, we're committed to our clients and their path to probate