Professional Partners


All of our professional partners share our level of commitment and are aligned with Laurelo’s core values. They include businesses and organisations in the end-of-life and after death sectors and, as an enhancement to their service offering, many of our partners are also Introducers. Introducers can expand their services safe in the knowledge that we look after every client consistently.

Introducers can expand their services safe in the knowledge that we look after every client consistently. 

“Our award-winning team are on hand to fully support your clients and guide them throughout the probate process”


  • A professional and reliable service from start to end, demonstrating compassion and sensitivity towards your clients/families
  • A fast and efficient service that keeps you and your client/family informed every step of the way, whilst still retaining old-fashioned values of client care and putting the them first
  • Removal of any complicated hassle or confusion by handling all paperwork, client management and updates
  • Customer feedback with a client testimonial/satisfaction score on each case referred for peace of mind
  • The option to choose the level of involvement you’d like on each case referred
  • Association with an award-winning probate administration company
  • Content to promote and educate on probate
    • Social media
    • Leaflets and handouts
  • Full support and advice to guide clients on probate
  • Competitive referral fees providing an additional income stream for your business

    To apply to become one of our Introducers or a Professional Partner please contact us:

    Some of our professional partners




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    John Harris MA, Senior Partner, T Cribb & Sons

    The world of funerals has changed significantly in the last few decades. Family dynamics are far more complex, and the legal aspects of a deceased’s estate very often leads to disputes or unnecessary anxiety at a very difficult time.

    The East End of London also brings new challenges. This borough is probably one of the most diverse areas in England and as a Funeral Directors we strive to understand the complexities of the many cultures and communities we serve.

    Michael and his team are now a vital part of the service we offer, providing not just advice and assistance in navigating these challenges but also bringing so much comfort to the families that we care for.

    Lori Turner, Adam & Greenwood Funeral Home

    My name is Lorri Turner & I work for Adam & Greenwood Funeral Home. I am based at our Billericay Branch, I am the Senior Manager within the business and manage 4 of our Funeral Directors.

    It’s important to provide families with all their needs at such a pivotal time in their lives. Of course our primary function is to listen to them & arrange the funeral they have requested, but offering other associated services that will make life easier for them is so important. The recommendation of Laurelo has worked really well, with families appreciating the personal touch that is offered, along with the ability to carry out home visits. For us it also offers some continuity as they can liaise with us in addition to Laurelo.

    Our main contact is Michael Roughan, I’ve always found him personal, responsive and always wants to do what is right for the client. There is no stuffiness to the process & Michael carries out the referrals passed to him with consideration & professionalism.

    Stepping Stones Charity

    I met the Laurelo team a few years ago through my past employment with, and knowledge of, Independent Funeral Directors and their wish to become more involved and help the clients of Independents.  It was a totally ‘by chance’ initial meeting following stringent due diligence when Laurelo were accepted into worthy membership of The National Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors (SAIF) as Associate Members.

    The Laurelo team were keen to work with Independents supporting their clients and I was at a stage where I was hoping to start up a much-needed local Bereavement Group.  After a few meetings with Laurelo, they came up with the idea of sponsoring a local group and if successful this could also be extended to other areas of the Country, thus ‘Stepping Stones’ was created.

    It was an honour for me to be at the embryo stages in offering free Bereavement Support locally and that Laurelo staff were behind the initiative so freely and without pressure.  They have continued to support the group and give free advice to group members without hesitation.  They explain the needs and requirements in easily understood terminology.  Michael from Laurelo, attended evening group Stepping Stones meeting for a Q/A session which was very well received and greatly acknowledged.

    Since starting Stepping Stones, several of the attendees have formed friendships.  In fact, we meet once a month for lunch, ensuring that they are all on track and whilst no longer needing the Bereavement group as such, the friendships that have been formed have helped them enormously.


    “Friendships and strong bonds have been formed since the formation of Stepping Stones.  This would not have been possible but for the help and support of Laurelo for which I and many of the Stepping Stones group members are eternally grateful”

    Here at Laurelo, we're committed to our clients and their path to probate

    Here at Laurelo, we’re committed to our clients and their path to probate