Clarifying Probate: Your Top Frequently Asked Questions Answered

We understand the importance of clarity and compassion in guiding families through a probate application. Time and time again we are asked the same questions and thought it would be useful to document and share them.

1. What Exactly is Probate and Why Does It Matter?

Probate is the formal legal process that validates and executes a deceased person’s will. It ensures that their assets are distributed as per their wishes. This process is crucial for safeguarding the deceased’s intentions and avoiding potential conflict.

2. When is Probate Necessary?

Probate is typically required when the deceased owned property solely in their name or had considerable assets. However, some smaller estates might bypass probate, depending on asset values and ownership arrangements. To find out if you need probate simply call our adviceline and one of the Laurelo Team will be able to advise you (this is a free service): 020 3058 2329.

3. How Long Does the Probate Process Take?

The timeline for probate varies, spanning several months. Factors influencing this duration include the complexity of the estate, any potential disputes, and the efficiency of the probate process itself as there are typically court delays which can impact timings once an application has been submitted.

4. What is the role of an executor?

The executor, as designated in the will, plays a pivotal role in managing the probate process. The executor gathers the deceased’s assets, settles debts, and distributes inheritances as outlined in the will. The executor may want to instruct help with their role which is why companies like Laurelo exist.

5. Can family disputes arise during probate?

Regrettably, family disputes can arise during probate, often due to unclear terms in the will or disagreements regarding asset distribution. Addressing these matters requires sensitivity and legal expertise which is why many prefer to lean on organisations like ours.

6. How does Laurelo Probate make the process easier?

We support families during the probate journey. With a family-first ethos, Laurelo offers face-to-face meetings, compassionate assistance and a 24/7 advice line. Our transparent cost structure and clear course of action ensures families understand every step of the process.

7. What sets Laurelo apart from other probate services?

  • Our unwavering commitment to a personalised approach.
  • We recognise that grief knows no office hours, and we provide round-the-clock support.
  • Unlike many solicitors’ firms we don’t work billable hours. We have a set fee which is always agreed prior to work commencing.
  • We speak to our clients in a language they’ll understand with no legal jargon or complex terms.
  • We pride ourselves on offering a friendly, inclusive service, tailored for those with different needs.
  • Our ‘family-first’ ethos – treating the families we support as we would our own.

8. Are there taxes involved in probate?

Inheritance tax considerations are often part of the probate process. Laurelo’s team of experts guides families through what can be very complex rules to ensure compliance with legal obligations.

9. Can someone contest a will during probate?

Contesting a will is indeed possible, given valid reasons, such as suspicions of its validity or inadequate provision for certain individuals. Our team helps families navigate potential will challenges.

10. How do I start the probate process?

Starting the probate process involves several steps: registering the death, locating the will, and assessing the estate’s assets and liabilities. We are here to guide an executor through the entire probate process and so the best way to start is by giving our team a call on 020 3058 2329 and letting us do the rest.

Navigating probate can be overwhelming, but with the right support, it becomes more manageable. If you’re looking for an empathetic and knowledgeable partner in your probate journey, Laurelo is here for you.

Reach out to us today and let us help you navigate the probate process with care and expertise. Contact us on 020 3058 2329 for more information.

Your peace of mind matters to us.